Cutting Board Care & Maintenance

Liberty Boardworks

Cutting Board Care & Maintenance

Wooden cutting boards can last a lifetime with proper care and maintenance.   Follow these tips to get the most out of your cutting board.

Never Place Your Cutting Board in the Dishwasher or Microwave

Hand Wash Your Cutting Board Soon After Each Use and Stand on End to Dry
Drying on end allows water to run off instead of pooling on top.

Avoid Dish Soaps
These are designed to remove oils and will cause you cutting board to dry out and the wood fibers to weaken.

Disinfecting Your Cutting Board
We recommend using white vinegar after each use.  Apply with a cloth or spray bottle and let it sit for five minutes.  Wipe clean using a damp cloth.  If you frequently use the board with raw meat, disinfect with hydrogen peroxide.

Maintain Your Cutting Board
We recommend protecting your cutting board with Liberty Boardworks Board Wax.  Every month or two, depending on use, simply apply the wax using a soft lint-free cloth and allow it to dry. Then, using circular motions, wipe the excess wax off using another clean lint-free cloth.  Additionally, if your cutting board is looking really dry, you can apply a fresh coat of cutting board oil.

Refurbishing Your Cutting Board
After a while your cutting board will naturally get cut marks, but the good news is that wood can be refinished.  To renew the surface, first sand the board with a 100 grit sandpaper, followed by 150 grit and then 220 grit.  Once the surface is smooth, you can remove the dust using mineral spirits.  Then after the mineral spirits has thoroughly dried, apply 2-3 coats of cutting board oil followed by a final top coat of Liberty Boardworks Board Wax.

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